220 Watt DC-DC ATX Power Supply
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Postby jferguson » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:55 pm

My marine installation is now a bit over one year in service and has worked very well. I do have one issue whose solution would make this perfect in every way. Even in the sleep mode, the DSATX generates noise which makes the use of my poweracoustik amplifier impossible. I've tried all manner of capacitors and filters at the amplifier end with inadeqaute effect.

without a doubt, this is a cheap amplifier, but for reasons i won't go into here, necessary. At the same time, the Sony CDX-GT210 just below it on the stack is totally immune to this noise.

if i can receive advice from existing knowledge, is there a way to choke the output of the DSATX in some way to make this problem go away? obviously, i could buy another sony and use it as an amplifier, but i had hoped there might be a simpler solution.

i installed the dsatx in the power-supply housing that originally held the ac power supply, but it is full of holes and so is the 3U server case the computer is in.

Any ideas?

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