Turning off on crank.

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Turning off on crank.

Postby DopeVibeGT » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:18 pm

Recently, when I leave the PC on after shutting off the car and then come back and start the car, the computer turns off then back on, without going through shutdown or anything. It just started a few weeks ago, before then it stayed running after crank. I'm thinking it's the battery in the car going bad. When I crank the engine, there isnt enough power to the supply so it turns off. Would this be the problem before I go out and by a new car battery?

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Re: Turning off on crank.

Postby zootjeff » Tue May 05, 2009 5:21 am

The DSATX is capable of working down to 7 volts for up to 10 seconds before it tries to shut down.

If you are cranking and it is cutting out it is possible that your battery is too far gone or your wiring is not thick enough.

Everything depends on how much load the computer is drawing too. At maximum power draw the ability to survive crank diminishes.

If you can give me an idea of your system I can tell you if you if what you are experiencing is typical or not.

What gauge wire do you have going to the battery and to the chassis? Ideally you'd run 12 or 10 gauge wire. It can also help if you double up if you can make it happen. It is not uncommon to have two strands of 12 gauge wire routed to the battery. Also the car audio wiring kits have good thick wire..

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